Where we want to be.

Free from all you're meant to be. Come on, baby, jump right in. Cause tonight we can be where right here where we wanna be.

Henry Barnes. 18 years old as of November 22nd. Born in Ireland, but lived in London, England since the age of six.

I have no idea what to say here. I'm pretty much an open book, so just ask me and I'll answer.

[[RP account. Calm yo tits.]]

braelynshae replied to your post: My sister has this container of homemade fudge…

That’s wrong. I am the biggest temptation in the world.

Mmm, in different ways, yes, I’d agree with that.

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    But if you look at me like you’re gonna eat me, I won’t be held responsible.
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    I’d like that.